R & D

Common Warts

Verrica has announced positive top-line results from its COVE-1 Phase 2 open-label clinical trial of VP-102 for the treatment of verruca vulgaris, or common warts. The study included two cohorts that evaluated the safety and efficacy of VP-102 in patients with up to six warts. In both cohorts, VP-102 achieved positive results on both the primary endpoint of percentage of subjects with complete clearance of all treatable warts and the secondary endpoint of the percentage of reduction of warts from baseline.

Verrica is planning a Phase 3 program to further evaluate VP-102 for the treatment of common warts.

External Genital Warts

Verrica is conducting a Phase 2 clinical trial evaluating the optimal dose regimen, efficacy, safety and tolerability of VP-102, a topical therapy containing a solution of 0.7% w/v cantharidin in a proprietary single-use applicator, in patients with external genital warts. For more information, visit: https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT03981822


Verrica Receives Permanent J‑Code for YCANTH™